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A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships


As a new Indie Author, I understand that it can be difficult to navigate the wild landscape of self-publishing. Let’s face it: we’ve chosen a hard business to get into. There are more failure stories than tales of success. The thing that keeps us going is the understanding that success is possible. We just have to be strong and cultivate the will to endure bumps and bruises as we learn. Very few authors, if any, have achieved success without a long road of failure behind them.

One thing I’ve discovered early is that information is a crucial factor in having your books perform in the marketplace. Yes, we are working to create art, but we also live in the real world and have to pay the rent. There are practical matters to consider, and more than one craft we must master if we want to get ahead.

If we want to make a living as professional authors, we have to root out useful information. But how do we tell the good information from the bad? Trial and error, my friends. That means taking a few swats on the snout when we something that doesn’t work.

The purpose of this page is to list the things that I’ve tried that have worked for me. I will make every effort to keep this page as transparent as possible.

I am doing this to help fellow Indie Authors, but I also want to raise my media profile. You may want to consider doing something similar on your blogs, websites, and social media outlets. Feel free to link to this page or mention it if you find it useful.

Some links I post here (hopefully) will have some kind of benefit to my professional interests. For instance, I may receive incentives for linking to certain services. If I become affiliated or otherwise vested with any site or service, I will clearly state that in the link information. If it is not stated, then I have no affiliation with the site or service.

I will only post information here that I have tested myself. If I’ve tried it and it worked for me, I’ll post it. Your mileage may vary. I will not post negative experiences here. I ask you to do the same. Share your success in the comments, or email me directly.

Promotion Sites:

BKnights – A Fiverr seller who gets results. Every time I’ve used this provider, I’ve gotten at least 10-15 sales on books with no reviews. I’ve used the provider’s paid, discounted book promotion. You can schedule multiple days for the promotion for sustained sales.

BooksButterfly – Promotes books via mailing lists and a website. I’ve also gotten at least 10-15 sales for my new books without reviews. The owner/operator is a very positive person that does his best to respond to information in a timely fashion. Sometimes he gets busy, but he will respond. I receive an incentive from this provider for any orders placed through the link above.

Freebooksy and Bargainbooksy – Promotion for both free and bargain books. I ran this promotion on a new book with no reviews and got 12-20 sales. They use an email list and their website.

Betty Book Freak – Not sure how many sales I got with this because I ran it on the same day as two other promotions (a process known as “stacking” which you should try). Used them twice and it felt like I got more sales than just using one. Will post more info when I get it.


Kboards Forums: One of the best web communities I’ve come across. The board is dedicated to Amazon Kindle readers and device users. The “Writer’s Cafe” section is where many very experienced authors hang out and offer their experience.

You can look forward to spirited and often passionate discussions about topics ranging from authorcraft to marketing to issues in the publishing industry. Things can get heated there, but the level of mutual respect is exceedingly high and dedicated moderators keep it that way. It’s a great place to hone your skills and learn.

Kboards Forum Posts of interest:

Kboards user and fellow newbie Alexa Kang took the time and trouble to create this exhaustive, labor-of-love post. She offers in great detail much common sense info and tips from her recent experience. This is a lot the stuff experienced authors tell us all in one post.


(coming soon)

Great Books on Authorcraft:

Libbie Hawker: The Author of “Take Off Your Pants.” Her book is a very practical and concise guide to outlining a story. If you don’t outline, you really should try it out. I can’t recommend outlining enough. It took me a long time to come around, but it has made my writing better and has given me more confidence as a writer. I am no longer a pantser.

John Truby: Author of “The Anatomy of Story.” Libbie Hawker refers to his work a lot. She distills Truby’s treatment of the universal human elements of story (yes, that’s a real thing) into her outlining process. I haven’t read Truby’s other works yet but they are on my list.

Chris Fox: An Indie Author who posts a lot on Kboards and shares a lot of great information in a positive way. I’m using his methods to write faster, better and more efficiently.

Fellow Authors who Provide Useful Information:

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